Welcome to Blanes!

1. Reasons to choose Blanes as a tourism destination. In this description you have to mention the following ideas but you can add others too. Remember that your description must convince people to come to our town.

  •  landscape, beaches, entertainment offers, cities nearby, …
2. Places to visit. You have to write a short description of each place and say why they are so representative for Blanes. The must-visit places in Blanes are the following:
  • The Gothic Fountain
  • Sa Palomera
  • Botanical Garden Mar i Murtra
  • Church of Santa Maria
  • Castle of Sant Joan
3. Celebration of Santa Anna and the International Fireworks Competition. Write about the important events that take place in honour of our patron saint Santa Anna.
4. Accommodation. Write about suggestions of places for tourists to stay. You have to give different offers, write about them and their locations and add links to visit their websites.
  • campings
  • hotels
  • apartments
5. Restaurants. Choose five different restaurants of our town and write about the type of food they serve and their location. Add links to visit their websites or other references found in different webpages like ‘Tripadvisor’.